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Dental Hygiene and Periodontal Health


Did you know that dental cleanings are the cheapest, easiest way to achieve great dental health? Keeping bacteria off teeth and gums will go a long way in protecting from cavities and gum disease. Since the mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body, keeping the mouth clean can mean better overall health as well. Regular check up visits will include dental xrays as needed, oral cancer screenings, TMJ assessment, cleaning and dental examination. Your dental hygienist will work with you in developing the appropriate prevention program for your mouth.

Gum infections and diseases are the number one cause for tooth loss. The build-up of calcified bacteria above and below the gumline causes teeth to become loose and detached. Your dental hygienist will do an assessment of your gums to let you know if you are at risk for tooth loss. Specialized therapies, including laser work, may be needed to treat gum infections. In addition to checking for gum disease, our hygienists will let you know if there is dental work at risk for failing or compromising your ability to keep your teeth clean.

Our dental hygienists have a vast array of dental skills to help you keep your teeth clean and healthy in between dental check ups. Please let us know if you have problems or concerns on how to best clean your teeth at home.

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