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Tooth pain can lead to extraction

In the unfortunate event you need to have an extraction, our office will make sure you are very well taken care of. Complex extractions will be referred to our oral surgeon to perform, as his office is better equipped for surgical procedures. Less complex extractions will be done in our office under the utmost care. The most common form of extraction is the removal of wisdom teeth. This surgery is best done at the oral surgeon under general anesthesia. It is best to plan a least 2-3 days of rest after this procedure. Post-operative care will include icepacks and taking anti-inflammatories. In the event that stitches are needed, you will be required to have a follow-up visit to have them removed once you have healed adequately. Removal of teeth in preparation for implants or dentures require a coordinated effort between our office and the oral surgeon. It is advised to have a consultation with Dr. Macaulay prior to these procedures to best understand the process, risks, and expectations.

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