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before and after image of veneers

Veneers are an excellent way to redesign and reshape your teeth by bonding very thin ceramic facings to your existing teeth. Placing veneers on teeth will fix issues like staining, cracked teeth, spaces, chipped and misaligned teeth. A cosmetic consultation with Dr. Macaulay begins the process, and completion of your new veneers takes 2-3 appointments. The first appointment will involve careful preparation of your teeth and impressions are taken. You will wear temporary veneers for 2 weeks while our lab fabricates your final veneers. We work with a highly skilled laboratory to create a custom shade to match your natural teeth. This may mean you will need to visit the lab so that our ceramists match your teeth accurately. On the day of delivery, Dr. Macaulay carefully bonds, smooths, and adjusts your bite to ensure that your new smile will last a very long time.

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